White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is a technique/tactic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in which we follow search engine rules and policies to optimize content for search engines. White means a clean paper without any mark, which is not dirty, it’s a thing which we love to share with others because it’s clean. Same meaning we have used in our definition, White Hat SEO involve following the rules defined by the search engine. These techniques don’t use any machines automated algorithm/behaviors.

White Hat SEO involves human research which they are doing to optimize their content for robots and end users. So that everyone can easily understand. In real terms, I will say White is legal, you can follow white. It will not harm your website. Through white hat SEO, you will not get penalized your website. Why do you want to do SEO on your website? You can find the answer in SEO Basics. But why you want to do White Hat SEO? The answer to this question you will find here.

Why White Hat SEO?

Why do you want to implement/use white hat SEO techniques? The question comes to mind when you are going to start making a new website for your business. If you are planning for a long-term project/business, surely you will think about white hat SEO. Because you don’t want to be penalized. You want to put your business on top of the search engine so that people can find you easily. And you may get clients on daily basis. I always force you to choose White Hat SEO. If you are going to hire someone for your business website you should ask him too, how he will do this. What will be his approach? And tell him to do white hat SEO, if you want to play a long-term game. Choose white hat SEO:

  • To secure quality inbound backlinks, if you will lose them it will be difficult for you to gain them. Because website will not trust you anymore.
  • If you want to create long and quality content for your users related to your website niche.
  • If you want to spend your time on keyword research and analysis.
  • Want to be in the game for a long term.
  • Want real-time users on your website.
  • Offering quality services to your customers.
  • Have money to spend on advertisement to get conversions.
  • Want to create affiliate website for the specific product.

I will force you, even you don’t have a reason, and if you want a thing for the long term then you should focus on white hat SEO. I loved it and will force you too. If you find the way to deal with it, you will also love it.

White Hat SEO technique used to get organic traffic on your website for the long term. Through which steps you can do white hat SEO? Here are the terms, I will give an overview here but later we will discuss them in detail.


What’s a keyword? A keyword is a word which you want to target, or you want to rank your website on a word in the search engine. Keywords totally depend on the niche. Here niche means a topic.

How can you select a niche? You have to see in yourself, about which topic you can write for hours and will not get bored. And information will also be helpful for peoples. Choose the topic about which you are sure you can write as many articles as you have needed and the user can easily understand.

Focus on your topics and find the keywords in different tools like GKP (Google Keyword Planner), Keyword Tool, Ahref or Majestic. You can also use google to find keywords related to your niche/topic.

Keyword Research plays an important part in your search engine optimization. If you can find good keywords, it’s mean you can easily rank your website on them. It depends on your search. If you want a long-term business I will suggest you, use those keywords which have more monthly searches. I will not suggest you any news website, you can earn a lot from a newspaper, but the thing is news will not be ranked for more days.

People will take interest in a news max one month. So, I will suggest you those topics which will remain same in future too and their values will not decrease. We will also discuss how to find good keywords related to your niche and ranked your website on those keywords.

Low Competition High Traffic

Choose the topic which has low competition but the high volume of traffic. This will help you to get some visitor. Most people don’t go on the second page of search engine. But sometimes they don’t find useful content on the first page of search engines, so they browse more pages to find content related to their search term. Maybe you can’t rank your website on top/first page but somehow you manage your website on the second page of search engine.

Once you get your website on the second page, it will not be a difficult task to rank on the first page. You just need to work harder. Don’t lose hope. We will take a look at keyword analysis and research a brief look in our future tutorials.

Content is the King

Believe me, content is the king but it’s not everything you need to do. Only content will not help you to rank on the first page. There are a lot of techniques to rank your website on the first page. I have tested many scenarios to rank my website in search engine. And I found the best scenarios.

Content, off-course is ‘King’. But content can duplicate. So you have to need to write unique content. If you will write content by yourself you will see that you are making progress more than 75% peoples because they are using some automated tool to duplicate the content. While you are publishing unique content on your website with the timestamp. The timestamp will help you to rank your website. Maybe someone duplicates your article on their website, how you will get the benefit? The search engine will see which article is published first, that articles will be yours. So your article will be ranked in search engines.

You need to do a little on-page SEO to rank your website in search engine. You also need to do off-page SEO. But you can rank your page with a little off-page SEO. Because you are writing unique content. You just need to tell people that I’m writing unique on this topic. Once you reached your audience, the user will come to your website easily. Once you get the flow you will automatically get trusted company, blog or business peoples on your website.

You should try to build user interest in the start of the article then lead in this way that user will not get bored on your website by reading articles. Use images to explain your point. It will be a good practice.

Internal Links

Internal links are the links which point to your own website. These links provide juice to our page where we used links with proper text. I will explain this with an example:

Suppose you are writing about “Health”. You already posted 20 articles on your website. Now you need to inter-relate them by using Internal Links. Where should you put the internal link? Try to relate information with each other. Once your information gets inter-related, you can easily put the link on a proper text. Like you want to put a page link with title “How to Get Weight in 30 Days”. You can mention it in your related article that if you want to take a look at our guide to “Get Weight in 30 Days”. This is the perfect keyword where you can put your internal links because it’s inter-linking to your website article which you have already written. In this way, you will get all the juice of that page, in which page you have put the link.

Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks for your website can also take you top of the search engines. What is a Backlink? It’s a link which other people put on their website to upvote your website. They show to search engines that we trust this website if they are giving a do follow ‘link’. It’s like they are saying that we are giving an upvote to your “How to Get Weight in 30 Days” article.

Backlinks should be on competitor/niche related websites. Try to write outstanding and unique articles, write guest posts for others and include your website link to get the backlink. It is a way to get top ranking for your website articles. If you have written great content on your website, you have to need to send that article links to other bloggers. Maybe they get your link useful and mention on their website which is relevant to your website niche. And you got a backlink. Why backlinks important? Why should you focus on link building? Basically, it’s a way to make a chain that you know more people than other peoples (which are your competitors).

It’s mean that your website has more trusted relationship than your competitors. It’s in your favor. You can be at the top of the search engine if you implement this technique. We will write a full guide how to build backlinks on competitor websites. So that you can understand the full procedure of backlinks.

Site Organization

You also need to organize your website. Take a look at your competitors, what they are offering to their users. Once you get something unique and different you will see that people will reach to your website. Because you organize your website more efficiently than your competitors. Even you have given backlink to your competitor website. But you have everything in an organized manner.

Try to build an organized website, sort articles in that way people can easily find articles which relate to their interest. If the information will be scattered, no one will love to see your website, because you have everything but in a scary fashion. People love to see organized content. They can easily find and browse everything. You have to start from beginning and end with a conclusion. When a user lands on your website, he will not read your article in the first look, first, he will scan your website through his eyes. If your website will be eye-catching then he will start reading your article. And more on, if you have a good content then you will see he will browse the whole website.

Content Strategy

Try to build a content strategy, so that you can inter-link your articles with each other to get some juice from it. How you can build a content strategy like other peoples build for their content. You need to organize information in a manner from beginners to professionals or basic to advance.

Try Google Sheets, write your article in a fashion that targets beginner and process it towards professionals. In this way, you will find more inter-links on your websites. Inter-links are those links which exist on your website. It means that you are trying to relate your article to another article.

It’s like a prerequisite. You said people to read the first article then start your new article. Through index/chapter, you can also manage your content. Once you have written all the content you can create a page for the index. Write all the chapter/article title and put their link on that title to organize information and get some juice from all the pages.

By telling people about your previous article, basically, you are telling the worth/impact of your new article. You are telling your user, if you don’t have information about previous steps or you have not read yet then you should read that article first. In this way many people will get redirected to your previous article and will read that article then they will reach on your next article. It’s mean you are providing juice to both articles of your website.


I have discussed white hat SEO. What it is and why you should choose it. I also discuss the main terms in white hat SEO. Moreover, I convince you to do white hat SEO for your website so that you can play long-term games. Yeah, it was all about the long-term game. Therefore, I was discussing all of these with you. Here I only gave a small introduction of simple terms/keywords of white hat SEO. In further, I will show you each term separately. So that you can rank your website using WHITE HAT SEO in SERP.

Thank you for reading my article. I will love to hear your feedback about this article. If you have any suggestion feel free to mention them. I will take serious actions on your suggestion. I would love to teach many important things from you, as you have learned something from me. 🙂

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