SEO Basics

SEO Basics

SEO Basics: What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It’s the process of optimizing your content for bots, crawler and end users. Its main purpose is to rank your website in the search engine so that you can get organic (non-paid) traffic. This guide is designed for people of different levels, from beginners-professionals to rank a website in search engine for specific keywords. But you need to follow the step by step instructions given in this guide. First of all, you need to ask these questions from yourself:

Why do you want to learn SEO?

The first question, this question comes to mind, every time when you are going to start something new. Why should I learn this? Here ‘this’ is a field which can be programming, designing or any other field. But the most important question is why you should start this?

The answer to this question is very simple, you have to start this if you want to:

  • Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from basics to advance
  • Earn money using Client SEO
  • Earn money through your website
  • Make a brand that can earn revenue for you
  • Earn through affiliate marketing
  • Learn something different and new with strategies
  • Grow your online business

These are the reasons due to which you want to learn SEO or maybe there’s something else in your mind. But there should have a moto to learn a new skill. If you have a motive, it’s mean you can do things in a better way and with the different prospect.

I can’t give you the guarantee of your success if you are just reading this guide but not implementing.  If you want success you have to implement all the things mentioned in these tutorials.

What can SEO do?

I will demonstrate a simple example here to tell you what SEO can do for you. Let suppose that you are running ads through Google AdWords to get the visitor on your website. You have target those people who are searching for ‘Las Vegas tours’. For this advertisement you are getting charged $2.3/click, and gets 1K – 10K monthly visitors on your website. It’s mean you are investing $2000 – $20000 monthly. It’s a lot of money through which you can start more new projects.

Now if you will do SEO of your website and gets ranked on 1st for this keyword, you will get the same number of the visitor but without investing money. It’s one-time investment. You have to rank your keyword. If you don’t know how to rank your keywords in search engines then you need to hire someone else who can do this for you.

After investing $1000, you get ranked your website for this keyword it’s mean you have saved a lot of money which you were going to spent for next whole year/months. It’s just one keyword sample that I have shown to you. If you will conduct analyses of your whole website you will see that how much money you’re spending on advertisements. That money can save through SEO.

Why is SEO important today?

To save money, you have to do SEO of your website. Using SEO you can target real peoples. While in these days people spending their revenue on advertisements didn’t get any conversion because a lot of people making false click on them to earn some bucks. Those fake clicks can charge you money but will not give any benefits to you.

How will you get the benefit for advertisement? When it reaches to those peoples who are interested in your product/offer. When they will click on your advertisement maybe you get some conversion through which you can earn some money.

People search for those things they are interested in, using SEO you can rank your website and will get real/genuine traffic on your website and will also get some conversions.

Why should Search Engine rank your website on the first page?

It’s a simple question that why your website should rank on the first page of any search engine. You have to ask this question from yourself. So that you can get your answer. Search engines want to show best results on the first page to improve user experience and give high-quality content to their users. So you can think ‘Content is the King’. But it’s a half-truth.

Maybe you copy pasted some other blog content on your website that is high quality. But how the search engine can now this that your website has unique and great quality content. They know all these things by analyses of site metrics. What’s site metrics? We will discuss this later and will guide you step by step.

Try to become the best result/content for the user because Search engines want to show best results to their users. They try to provide all the information on the search engine so that user can know about the content quality, for keywords they are searching.

How to find authority content about SEO?

If you want to learn SEO, you will surely think about this where you should find the authority content related to your topic. There are a lot of resources on the internet from where you can get authority content. But here you will find the content that is hidden on other blogs/websites.

As our tagline is ‘Revealing Secrets of SEO and Marketing’ on, showing you that here we reveal all those secrets which are not shared by any other person. Yes, it’s fact because we have tested them and people hiding them so that they can’t get down in search results. But we don’t care, we want to see your success. We want to listen to your stories of success. 🙂

How to get Success?

In this guide, you will find, how you can rank higher your website in Search Engines. SEO is tool/skill. It’s an ART. I will also explain what the ART in SEO is. If you want to be a successful person you have to invest your time in strategy and business.

Without investing your time, you can’t earn anything. To start a business you have to invest money, planning and your most precious time. If you will spend your time on proper planning and invest your money on right time and the right place, then you can grow your business easily.

Its look difficult, but believe me it’s not. Because I helped many organization to achieve their goals. They spend their time on planning project and implementing them. Then they consult the people who can help them to reach their audience with unique and powerful strategy.

In SEO, you need to be the best result for your search engine so that they can promote you on top of the results. It’s possible only when you will make a proper plan to follow and implement that plan in right way.

Another example I’m demonstrating here to tell you about the audience when you will start your website/business, your audience will see that what you’re offering to them. Like you have a blog about science and your first article written on 1st of June. And then you write your 2nd article on 7th of June. So, on you are publishing one article in every week. Your audience will know that you are posting every week so they will reach your website every week to read your articles.

But unfortunately, you have not written for two weeks. Your audience will get disappointed and most of them will leave your website because you’re not giving any update to them. It’s better to tell your audience about your schedule so that they already know about your schedule and don’t get disappointed from your blog. They will reach you on the same time that you have told them to read your blog post/entry.

In above two paragraphs, I explained you about the audience attention. I also have taught you a lesson, complete your things on your schedule. If you have any emergency/work you need to inform your audience.

Now you will think how above 2-3 block of content related to SEO basics. It’s related because I was also discussing a robot here who was visiting your website weekly for indexing in their search results, but you have not given any update for three weeks, the robot will see and will not visit your website next time. So you have to manually index your page in search engine. If robot will visit they will crawl your website according to their algorithm on time.

How to tell the robot when to visit your website for new content?

We will discuss this in our next tutorials. So that you don’t get lost in search engines. I will explain this in a complete step by step guide.

I want to teach something different. You have to be perfect so that search engine can’t ignore you. You write an article on any date that should be the index on top on the same day. How is it possible? We will reveal every bite of SEO basics to you. Even you will get some advanced tips that can increase your website traffic and will help you to rank your website in top of the search engine.

How to understand Search Engines?

First why you need to understand Search Engines? It’s obvious if you want to rank for a keyword you need to understand the search engines. How do they work? Why should they rank your website in top of the search results for a specific keyword? I already explained that you need to be one of the best results. Because search engine wants to show the best content to their users. How you can be the best, you have to wait for this.

Now the question is, how you can understand search engines? It’s simple you have to test different things with different techniques and matrices. You have to write content that can be understandable by the search engine as well as humans. Try to be the best result that should be perfect for everyone. I will show you the working of search engines in coming articles.


In this article, we have discussed why you should learn SEO? And what SEO can do for you? How can you engage your user on your website? Why you need the best content for your website? How you can save money. After reading this whole article, I hope you understand every bit (word) of SEO basics, which can help you in future to rank your website.

Believe me, you can be one of the top bloggers. Who are just publishing articles and they get automated backlinks, they don’t need to do any SEO for their future articles? They have to do on-page SEO. You can be one of them. Don’t forget to read my next articles on White Hat SEO. Why you should focus on white hat SEO will discuss in next article.

From this article, I hope you all set your goals and learn some basics of SEO. And you know the term SEO, What is SEO? What can you do with this? Last words:

“Be the best result for search engines”.

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