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online marketing

What is Online Marketing?

Online Marketing is a process of introducing your products/company name to the public so that people can buy your products / can get your services at some point. Online marketing means promoting your product and services through internet which can increase your customers. Every person has a different point of view. What people think online marketing is? Everyone has a same point of view but with different words.

  • The process of increasing customer to sell their products.
  • The process of promoting your products to the public. So that whenever they needed that product they can buy from you.
  • To drive traffic to your website.
  • Selling your services through the digital network.
  • Promoting products and services through the internet to get fame.
  • Getting the company name out to the public.
  • Introducing your products to the potential customer and plant a tree that they should buy this product right now from you, and tell the user that it will give you a lot of benefits.

Everyone has their own point of view. What the heck I want to tell?

Online marketing is a way to reach right people to promote your company, products, services or even a website. It can be a video too. How can you get the benefit from it? Suppose you are going to sell t-shirts, and you are running an advertisement to promoting t-shirts. How are you going to sale them? By reaching the right person, you can get your goal. If a person likes plain shirt and you’re going to target him for t-shirts, sure you are wasting your time and money. Because the person you are targeting is not going to buy your product.

Yeah, reaching to a people is not marketing. Reaching to a right people, through which you can increase your revenue is marketing. Before starting of digital marketing, companies were selling their products using surveys. They sent their teams in different areas to find that at which place their products are getting sale more than other places. And why their products are going to sell at that place. They collect these stats by their teams which they sent to different cities/areas. And try to increase their sales on those areas in which they are getting weak so that their products can get fame everywhere with quality.

Like a company were selling milk at that time. He is selling 3000L milk daily. Now they are going to change their quality to increase their sells. First, they need to check that milk will be bought by more persons or not. They test it by giving some offer with it. So that people buy from them. And if people will like their milk, sure they are going to buy the same product again and again. By giving the just one-time offer, the company is making more than 100 times. Because the product is going to sell more if it has quality. Maybe their sell increases to 6000L and it’s also possible they get some decrease in sell. But they need to be sure what they are going to do. If you are going to make a right product then surely it’s going to sell.

Why is Internet Marketing Important?

Why is today internet marketing important for everyone? Today every person is busy in their own life. They don’t have time to stop and watch those people who are making some offer to them. They have to need to go in the office and then back at home in the night. Now every person is watching TV, News on Internet and seeing social media. So the right place to market your product is through social media or search engine marketing. Because when you don’t find a thing on anywhere you will go to search it on the search engine and will try to find their thing.

Today your business model is very important for increasing sells. The most interesting thing about online marketing is ‘You can target people from your home by sitting on a chair and browsing the internet from your computer, laptop or even from a phone’. Yes, you are at your home in New York and want to sell your product in Toronto (Canada). You don’t need to go to Canada from New York to sell your product. You just need to target your location on social media/search engine.

At the start, people find things difficult. Because they want to increase their sales or increase their email lists. Even some want to sell their services virtually from their home. But they don’t know how to find people who can order their products or hire them. There are a lot of resources to find right people on the internet and even you can learn online marketing from the internet. How to get involved in Online Marketing?

I explained everything that the online/internet marketing is. Now it’s time to jump to how to start online marketing of your business/services. You need a computer and an internet connection to connect with people.

Surfing Internet

If you don’t know how to use computer/internet you can find the classes easily in your area, even from the search engine for online classes. And what’s the search engine? It’s the place from where you can find everything you want to learn. Type in your address bar and hit enter. Now you can search whatever you want to search.

Through the search engine, you can find the best online marketing tutorials free or paid. It’s depend on you what you want to choose. There are a plenty of free and paid classes on internet to learn marketing necessary skills.

Browse the social media website, see the ads, how it looks like. How you can recognize that a post, image or video is an ad or not? There will a little word ‘Ads/Ad’ will appear with it, if it’s not appearing, then you can look for text ‘Sponsored’. Mostly banners on website are using text ‘Advertisement’ too for displaying advertisement to the user. Those banner, videos or text ads made by companies to increase their sales or popularity, which can give them benefit somehow. They are analyzing people interest what people likes, and what type of ad can be interesting for them, and where to place the ad.

After analyzing everything they create ads and try to increase their customers by reaching more people on internet. You can do the same thing but with a little analysis and learning basics. Browse the websites like Craiglist, Ebay or Amazon to sell your products on internet. You can place your ads on website pages, online market place, and online shopping websites like Amazon, Craiglist or Ebay. Still it depends on what you are going to sell/promote?

Social Media Accounts

Surely, if you are in online marketing you have already social media presence, but if you are new then build your social media presence so that your business can come at top. Today, social media is the best way to drive traffic towards your business, websites or products.

A lot of people are trying to catch up with latest trends, so they are looking towards social media what other people are doing right now. And it’s the best way to connect the world. You can sign up for top social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn to build your social presence. There are a lot more other website like Pinterest and Instagram, it depends on you that what you are trying to sell online and what you should look at.

Running Campaign

What type of campaign can you run for your audience? There are a lot of ways to reach your audience. On Youtube, you can run video campaign for your audience. Even you can run static/banner ads for your audience. But on Youtube it’s better to run video campaign, it will help you to reach more people. Because it’s a video platform, people came here to watch videos.

Thus on social media website like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you can run the different type of campaign. Facebook is at the top in social media marketing because they have billions of users on their site. And you can reach more people using Facebook.

It also gives you an estimate that you are going to target. How much people you can reach through your campaign. What will be the cost of each visitor, and how many impressions will be on your advertisement? How many users will see your campaign? All you can track in your Facebook insights tool. See the list through which you can increase your presence in online marketing:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Through search engine optimization you can increase your presence free of cost. If you get top in the search engine results for keywords then you can easily get a lot of visitor on your website.
  • Email Marketing: Collect emails on your website through popups or any other technique. Offer user to something free which can give you the email of the user, so that you can know that user is interested in your content, product or service. And next time something new comes on your platform, you can inform them through email marketing which will help you to increase your audience. Do you know? Today 35% of conversions come from email marketing. Email marketing really helps to increase people online business.
  • Advertisement: You can also advertise your products in search engines, social media or any other marketplace which can give you some kind of benefits. Some of the top tools are Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns used by most people to drive traffic towards increasing their sales. You can run a different kind of campaigns like Video, Animated Images or Simple Text Ads.
  • Landing Pages: Landing pages also help people to drive traffic towards seller website and earn some bucks through affiliate marketing. Most people are trying to earn money through affiliate people. You can also say, someone, to create landing pages for you so that those pages can create some impressions for your products and increase your sales. Even you can buy those top website which is already making money or said them to place your links on their website for advertisement to drive traffic towards your website.
  • Free Offers: Free offers also help you to increase your traffic. Like you can generate some coupons for your product/services. Post them on the coupon website, it will help you to drive traffic and increase your sales. When people will look at your coupon and see they are related to their interest, sure they are going to check out. If you have a good landing page, there is high chance that they are going to buy your product.

Tracking Your Campaign

Creating a campaign is easy task. Maybe you target the wrong audience. How you can prevent from targeting wrong audience? How you can increase your revenue by targeting right people? It’s all about strategy. If you don’t know about what people are looking for and what’s their interest because you have never gone in that country you are targeting for.

It’s not difficult. You will learn things by doing. Try to run the 2-3 campaign and decide the audience you are going to target. Once campaign runs, look for the people who is interested in your products/services. And you can see all this in your campaign analytics. You can know all about the audience who is coming from your campaign by looking at their age group, location, gender and many other interesting facts. It will help you to recognize what you should target in next campaign. You can also retarget people which are interested in your campaign and click on your campaign to see it.

Getting a Job in Marketing

If you are looking for a job in marketing, then you should try to learn marketing first. A certificate can also tell your story to a firm or experience letter will be enough to convince your new company where you want to work.

Online marketing is all about targeting right person at right time. So that you can increase your revenue without losing a lot of money. You have to become an expert by analyzing other people’s ads. What they are targeting and what’s the scope to target the same keywords with a higher price. So that you can get at the top of those ads.

Try to collect the data related to your niche/topic, what people are searching around the internet. And what you can target from those keywords. What’s the average monthly searches for those keywords? After gathering all the stats you are ready to target your audience. Now you can run the campaign. But wait, you have to watch, what people are looking for? Are you targeting the right people? You can ask the person sitting next to you. He can tell you that it’s right for targeting or not. Even you can ask a question related to your product/services to some random people to know about the interest of people.


Online marketing is a game of targeting right person which is interested in your business, product or service. There are a lot of companies are getting in this game day by day and increasing their revenue by spending some bucks. Most of the affiliate marketer earn through these online marketing tactics. They know how to reach the right audience. They search a lot to find right people to sale their services. Once you know how to target right people. You are going to win this game. I’m going to help you through this game. I will teach you how you can win this game. How you can help yourself to become online digital marketing expert? How you can increase your revenue by spending some bucks?

I will share with you those secrets which you will never see on any other website. Because I want to help persons like you, who want to earn through online marketing. I will teach you how to reach your goals. It’s all about dedication. I want to see how you are dedicated to your job. So let me know in the comments, if this article helps you at any steps? Or need improvement in this content.

Sure, I’m taking your recommendation in a serious manner. And trying to improve my articles day by day from your suggestion. You can also drop me an email, if you don’t want to ask something in public. Don’t hesitate, I’m trying to helping people like myself who are willing to do something. But hesitate to ask questions.

Don’t care about those people who are making your jokes/fun. Just become an example for them so that they can feel that feelings.

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