Contact Zee Forum

This contact page is for those people who have any problem to find any material on our website, they have seen any issue on our website that they want to report, you want to advertise on our blog, you have an idea related to our blog (that you want to share with us), want to ask any question (related to our website content) or you want to report any technical issue. If you want to know zee forum read about me.

It’s also better to email me at [email protected]

I replied to each email present in my inbox. I am receiving 50-100 emails/day regarding different issues that user are facing to set-up their blog, market their products, targeting audience and some paid task. Mostly I serve people free of cost if they have required any knowledge or setting up small things.

But If they have large work to do, I charge them. Because I can’t give too much time free of cost. I also have to do something for a living. But regarding my knowledge, I don’t take any penny from any user. I love to convey my knowledge free of cost, even I have to spend a month on a user. But remember don’t waste your time, be serious take some steps and start your work from now, not tomorrow.