Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat is a tactic/practice of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in which we don’t follow the rules/terms of service of the search engines. In Black Hat SEO, we break the rules set by the search engine. Black means dirty/illegal, paper with some stuff that can’t be understandable by any person. But all the stuff can be understood by robots/search engines. It’s a mechanism of automating a process for robots to get ranked on the first page of the search engine.

Search engine runs an algorithm through which he decides to rank the website on the first page for specific keywords. It’s not human, it’s automated. Robots can’t tell which person is deceiving to him. Even writing such complex algorithm by the Search Engines, people deceive those algorithms by making their automated tools/robots. They find a way to rank their website on the first page of the Search Engine unless that was not penalized by search engine manually.

Yes, search engines improving, they have automated tools according to which people’s website rank in search engine. Even people try to deceive their algorithm, they have an option to remove the whole website from the search engine because the website is not following their rules. The process can also be automatic/manual. Maybe some search engine implements an algorithm to find those websites who trying to deceive him, but if they still save from their robots, they have a bunch of teams who take queries of users. And through user queries, your website can come into their eyes and they can be penalized your website by permanently removing from the search engine.

In the contrast of Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO is a tactic through which you can rank your website in search engine by following the rules of the search engines. Today, a lot of people are using Black Hat SEO techniques. Even mostly SEO agencies rank their client website using Black Hat SEO. This talk will not be about how you can prevent from those agencies. But here you will learn that the agency you hired or going to hire is using white hat SEO or black hat SEO. Because I will explain about black hat SEO techniques.

Why not choose Black Hat SEO?

The question why you should not choose black hat SEO techniques, you will find the answer to this question here in this article. In White Hat SEO, I discussed the long-term game. Same thing, I am going to discuss here. Because it’s the base of this concept. If you want to play a long-term game and you don’t want to lose your ranking in search engine, you should try to prevent from using black hat SEO techniques.

Why should you prevent? Because your website can be penalized from the search engine. Once your website gets penalized from the search engine, you will lose all your users. You will lose your game. Yeah, you have work 8 months on a website, got ranked your website through black hat techniques. You will earn 8 months from that website but when that will come into the eyes of the search engine, you will lose everything.

Therefore, it’s better to play a long-term game. In 8 months you ranked about for 30-40 keywords using white hat SEO, it’s mean you will get the traffic whole life on those keywords. I will suggest you follow my guidelines, forgot about black hat SEO, try white hat SEO. I will also discuss Black Hat SEO techniques on my blog, but I will not say you to follow them, if you want to follow them, it’s your choice. I will not be responsible for any damage. I’m sharing my knowledge about black hat techniques, just for the educational purpose, so that you can know which person/website is following search engines guidelines.

A real story comes in my mind while writing this article. Yeah, at the start of search engine people were ranking their websites using black hat SEO. How they ranked their website? We will discuss this later. But here I want to show the damage. Many agencies and bloggers were using black hat techniques. But when search engines change their algorithm, their websites got penalized and didn’t come into search results. This way they lost all their money websites from which they were earning. And after that, it was difficult to rank a website again starting from zero.

If they have chosen to use white hat techniques, now they are earning more than their expectation due to website domain age and their domain authority with popularity. In these years, I must say they can rank more than 2000 keywords. It’s difficult but not impossible. If they ranked their website for two thousand keywords, they can easily get more than one million traffic on their website which is more than enough to earn a handsome amount of money.

Let’s discuss black hat techniques used by bloggers and SEO agencies:

Extensive Use of Paid Links

Today, people are using paid link services to rank their website in search engines. What’s paid link? It’s basically a backlink which we create on competitor/niche related website to tell the search engine that we trust this website. You can understand it as an up-vote. The website has given the link to your website saying that I’m up-voting this website content. Like is the domain where you want to create a link for your website, on an article will be published in which author will mention your website article on website to give a backlink to your website.

When crawler will visit that page, the crawler will check what the type of link whether it’s do-follow or no-follow link. If it’s do-follow its mean your website have built some trust. If you have created backlinks on the website which have more domain authority and page authority website, your article is going to rank sooner or later, depends on link quality and the number of links.

Today mostly peoples are paying to website owners to get quality backlinks for their website. You can find these services on Fiverr, Up-work, and Facebook groups. A lot of people are selling quality backlinks on high prices. Even SEO agencies using those paid link services to rank their client website in search engines.

Duplication of Content

Some organization uses some automated tool to grab the content for their website from people’s website. It’s mean they are violating search engine terms and conditions. Because they are posting those content which is copyrighted by someone else name. They grab the content and showing that they have written that content to get the visitor on their website.

Recently, this year millions of peoples are using plugins to grab content from the top website and posted content on their website. It’s really a violation of terms and services. But they are earning more, which is not legal. They know but they don’t want to understand. By copying someone else content on your website, you will not get ranked your website on the first page of the search engine. Maybe you can get some traffic from social media. But it will not help your website to grow your business. Believe me, once you will be at the top, the search engine will change their algorithm and you are done. You are wasting your time for those things which are not going to help you for the lifetime. It’s better to work on your idea and work harder. Once you will get involved with your blog content you will see that how you are going to get success.

Most people try to teach you those illegal methods. Have you thought about this why they are not using them? They will tell you but not be going to tell you that it’s not going to help you to grow your business. Because if they will tell you their secrets, why will you hire them? How they will rank their website in the search engine if you are going to write original content for your website. Maybe some of you, disagree with me, because you don’t want to understand, but one day you will understand me. And you will say that he was right. We should try to write the original content at that time. But alas, you will lose everything at that time. I don’t want to see those moments. Therefore, I’m helping you and telling you the right way to rank your website in search engines. Hope you understand.

Keyword Stuffing

This technique of black hat SEO is no longer applicable. This technique was used in past to rank your article on a specific keyword. This technique involved to overuse the keyword on user website and ranked in the top of the search engines. But now search engines are too smart that they didn’t dodge by these simple tricks. Now search engine analyzing content and keyword ratio in content.

Due to keyword stuffing, content was not looked natural to human. Keyword stuffing is not user-friendly because you are going to repeat the same keyword many times. This technique was used by SEO agencies at that time. They were using a maximum number of times a keyword so that they can rank their website on the first page. But then search engine see this flaw and change their algorithm. Now it does not depend on only keywords. There are 200+ ranking factors, to rank your website in search engine for the specific keyword.

Due to 200+ factors, it’s difficult to deceive search engines to rank your website. It’s not impossible but it’s difficult. Right now, search engines algorithm tells you to use 3%-5% keyword ratio in your content to rank your website content on the first page of the search engine. It’s acceptable, you can use 3%-5% keyword, and the content will be user-friendly too. Because you are not using keywords a max number of times. The first bloggers were using keywords in every line of their sentence to rank their website. Thanks to search engines that they improve their algorithm.

A lot of people still using invisible text for keywords. Like they are using keywords in their content with white font and white background. So that it’s not visible to a visitor but visible to a crawler. The content can index in search engines. Why people make them invisible? Because they don’t want to get reported in the search engine. If someone will see extensive use of keywords, surely they are going to report that website if it prevents from crawler somehow. People are also using irrelevant keywords in their content to rank article for keywords which is not related to the article. If someone will see irrelevant content surely, he is going to report that content. Therefore, people are using the invisible content.


PBN is Private Blog Networks. What is PBN? Why PBN used? What is the purpose of PBN? PBN is Private Blog Networks used to build link for your money website. You can see that a single line explains what, why and purpose. Most people used PBN for link building.

Suppose you have a blog about fashion which is new and you want to build backlinks for that blogs on other websites. But you don’t find any way to build links. The idea comes to your mind, that why don’t you buy expired domains? Yes, expired domains with high domain authority, page authority and trust flow. Then start writing articles on that website. After posting some articles, write an article and mention your website article in that article to build link.

Oh no, the search engine will check out that you have bought this name because you have not applied Whois privacy, you are going to buy the domain from same accounts. Don’t worry, buy the domain from another account with fake details or buy Whois privacy for your domain name to build link for your blog. Many top agencies are using PBN to generate backlinks for their money & clients websites to rank on the first page. They create the backlink on keyword related websites. They buy those domains which expired and comes into their interest. How people build PBN and generating backlinks for their websites, we will discuss this in the later chapter.

Link Over-Optimization

Many websites are also using internal links, even there is no need of internal links on the homepage like ‘about’, ‘privacy’ and ‘contact’ pages. The homepage which has more traffic than these pages. These pages also have traffic, so you don’t need to put their links as internal links on the homepage. Link over-optimization is the process of placing a link forcefully on the page which has no need to be mentioned. In internal pages try not to link homepage, try to link those pages which are not your website homepage. The link must be searchable, indexed and the piece of web content on a website.

Heading Over-Optimization

Don’t use too many keywords in headings. Try to relate information, not to spam them. If you need the keyword to be mentioned then put that keyword in the page. If there is no need to mention the keyword, don’t put the keyword in heading forcefully. Some people use keywords in every heading of the web page to rank their website. It’s black hat SEO, and now it will not rank your website, maybe it takes you to the penalized stage. But it will not give you any benefit. You will not rank your article on the first page by over-optimization of headings. You need only as many headings as you need. Put only one h1 and h2 heading. Especially don’t compromise on h1. There can be only one h1 heading on your web page.


First, you have read my article about SEO Basics, then I explained you about White Hat SEO in my previous article. And now you have read about black hat SEO. Why should not choose black hat SEO? The main purpose is to introduce black hat SEO technique to you so that you can know which technique is legal or illegal. It will help you to prevent from those fake agencies/people that are destroying your business instead of building it. You can be penalized so prevent from black hat techniques.

“Dark Techniques can also take you in darkness, you will never know that where to go. which path is right for you?”

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