Zee Forum, a blog for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Marketing learning. It’s basically ‘Z‘ also called ‘Zee‘, my name starts with letter Z, so I made it Zee. And Forum means a place where everyone can gather for some event. Here event is learning. You will learn while I will teach.

Who is Zee?

I’m your instructor named Zartash Zulfiqar, started SEO about 6 years ago. I have run many successful blogs for SEO testing and get succeeded. I learned everything using testing. I love to test things. I will share my whole experience with you and guide you through all the steps that I have implemented on my blog to run a successful business. You can also implement those test to run a successful blog.

Why Should You Choose Zee Forum?

I’m not like that person who keeps secret. I love to reveal them, I will show you step by step guide how I set up a website and ranked in the top of the search engine for specific keywords. I will show you all the example with the help of screenshots. How can you beat your competitors? This will be the biggest question for you. Which things makes your blog separate from their blog?

Maybe you know most of the things, but I’m sure that you are missing a lot. By reading my blog posts you will learn all those missing parts that you have missed before. Because it’s the matter of fact that you can’t-do anything after getting push down.

You will not see the content I’m posting on any other website because it’s unique and written by myself to train newbies – professionals. I’m sure most of the people don’t test things. While I believe in testing. Test something that you know it can work or not. Give it a try, if you will get result continue with that niche, otherwise give a try to another niche.

You will see mostly SEO professionals don’t reveal their success, why? Nobody knows about this question. But on Zee Forum you will not see that thing. You will see that I’m sharing with you my experience and strategies to make your blog a successful business.

I helped a lot of agencies to grow their business using my SEO and Marketing strategies. I also train people and share my experience with them in simple words. So that they can implement too and can get success.

My Words

Teaching means revealing your secrets. It does not mean that keeping secrets in your pocket for yourself. If you will share your knowledge then you will get reward for it. 🙂 Experience tells that my each statement is true.